Are we selfish enough?

are we selfish enough

We are at our very core, oftentimes, very selfish.  Even in the midst of our most conceptually unselfish acts we are selfish.  We can deny it, we can point our fingers at others comparatively or look to morality for justification, but we cannot holistically evade our selfishness.  Thirst, hunger and the repetition of breath are purposed with our own survival.  When we physically drink, eat and breathe we deprive others.

There is a great deal of talk in this day.  Talk about responsibility, justice, peace, scapegoating, racism, prejudice, oppression, law and order.

There are even those who claim to mentally rise above this level of thinking to discuss concepts more pragmatically.  This dialogue often includes such notions as rational lies, generalizations, meta-programming and the list goes on.  Frequently such discussions fail to skirt theory, mostly due to the theoretical approaches inherent to science.  Regardless of the approach, we seek evidence and proof to use as a cornerstone for justification.

You are a product of your encounters, actions, reactions and experiences.  Your thoughts are a product of your existence.  To think that you cannot control your own thoughts is perilous, and to believe you can control the thoughts of others is a fallacy.

There are those who turn to spirituality, religion and morality, in an attempt to avoid the delusions of man.  Yet are taught by men.  Men who created the language which is used as justification.  Ordained…chosen…vessel.  By any and all means seek your inner peace.  Truly realizing your effort, allows you to understand the powerless nature of your tools, when applied to others through you.  It’s okay…regardless of their origin, they are your tools.

Notwithstanding your beliefs regarding our creation, we are the captains of the creation of this moment.  Education is not teaching; education is learning.  However, a poor education is in fact influenced by a lack of resources.  Such resources are independence, motivation, determination, vision and fortitude.  There are so many questions, but I only have one.  Why does our selfishness often elude our desire to learn?

We are random at the atomic level.  We are never going to “fit” on this earth.  Even a snapshot of a moment in time is history, even at the instant it was taken.  There is discussion of a movement.  We are movement.  Moving about this land…blood moving through our veins.  When you speak of a movement, you are speaking of joining.  We join together based on our thoughts and the thought that our thoughts allow us to relate.  The thought that our power and justification increases with number.  The fact is that you are more comfortable with yourself when you join with others.

Whatever your path you must recognize, understand and harness your own selfishness.  Personally, seek prosperity and pursue happiness.

We often, within an instant, say so much and yet say nothing, as I myself have done in this moment.  Today, I am thankful for my selfishness, as for it, I owe this day.

Atlas Concepts, LLC_Jordache Williams

Jordache Williams is currently based in Rock Hill, SC and is a Licensed Professional Counselor with Atlas Concepts, LLC.

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  1. I enjoyed the piece; I found myself sprinting to keep up with its “movement” out of excitement. I thought it was fresh, introspective, and relevant to the moment.

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