Free Initial Consultation

Here you identify your concerns and we discuss plausible actions, timelines, logistics, and budgeting.

Assessment Phase

This is the process of further clarifying your needs, evaluating resources and essentially working together toward an agreement on the terms of service.

Working Phase

The process begins with detailed planning based on the finalized agreement.  Progress trackers are presented and the essence of the partnership begins.


Individual Services

Often people feel like they need help and struggle to find an affordable solution.  We specialize in providing cost-effective assistance to individuals, couples and families who are motivated to increase their resiliency and become more mentally healthy.

Business Services

Our corporate solutions are designed to be implemented into agencies, organizations and businesses .  In house, we specialize in workplace culture and climate as well as leadership development and human systems.  Additionally, we contract with specialized and trusted professionals specifically related to your needs.


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Let's determine if Atlas Concepts, LLC can play an integral role in your solution.