Active Partnerships

We specialize in becoming valued members of your team in order to focus on your specific needs.


Results Driven

Through a unique partnership, your development plan is designed to ensure the accomplishment of relevant and achievable goals.


Quality Assurance

Routine performance assessments and evaluations are essential to continual progression and provide confidence in the process.

What We Do

Atlas Concepts provides actionable consulting services to individuals and businesses.  For individuals, initial consultations and an occasional check-in may be enough to reach and sustain personal goals.  In other instances, offerings such as professional coaching or mental health counseling may prove more suitable.  In any case, the company’s individual consulting services are targeted to assist clients with achieving both personal and professional objectives.

The company works with agencies, organizations and businesses from the initial development stage throughout the life cycle and anywhere in between.  Areas of specialization include human systems consulting and leadership development.

Atlas Concepts utilizes a partnership approach to maximize client potential.  Through a professionally-personal relationship, individuals and businesses are empowered to leverage capabilities and are provided the systems and processes necessary to achieve their goals.


Choosing Professional Assistance

Unclear on the various roles of counselors, coaches and consultants?